Why We’re Calling for Trump’s Impeachment

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Today, I’m writing with a message no executive director of the Sierra Club has ever sent: That this organization supports the impeachment and removal of our sitting president.

It’s unprecedented, but so many things about this presidency have been: from Trump’s astonishing willingness to shred the protections that keep our air and water clean and our climate habitable, to his astonishing cruelty toward immigrant families and children.

Trump’s flagrant disregard for the rule of law — and his willingness to use his office to enrich himself — are also unprecedented in our nation’s history. He has regularly, illegally used his position to benefit himself at the expense of the American people and our democracy.

We now have overwhelming evidence that Trump pressured a foreign government to interfere in our 2020 elections for his personal benefit and obstructed attempts to bring him to justice.

To me, democracy looks like everyday people deciding their political fate by organizing their communities and getting out the vote. That’s exactly the vision of democracy President Trump has undermined. He’d like to live in a world where our elections are decided by bribes and high-level meddling by foreign governments — not the American people.

The Sierra Club can’t do its work if our president is undermining the rule of law and our democracy. Neither can the many organizations we work with to advance environmental and social justice.

In a democracy, no one can be above the law — not even the president. Donald Trump’s corruption and abuses of power threaten the legal and democratic infrastructure we use to keep our communities healthy and safe, including bedrock environmental protections like the Clean Air and Water Acts.

With so much at stake, we are joining millions of Americans to call for Donald Trump to be held accountable for the harm he’s inflicted on our country, on our democracy, and on the rule of law.

This pivotal moment in history is no time to stay silent. Call your congressional representative and urge them to support the impeachment of Donald Trump. And join our historic nationwide mobilization this Tuesday night. Show ’em what democracy looks like.

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